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About Us

Aquatic Law and Safety Institute began in 1992 when the first Florida Bar certified aquatic law symposium and the first of several Sea Symposiums were hosted.     The mission of the Aquatic Law Institute is

  • Providing practicing attorneys expert training and strategic information that aids in developing defense and negligence theories related to standard of care, negligence, risk management and human behavior factors.
  • Conducting scientific research focusing on aquatic safety and drowning prevention.
  • Developing education programs responsible for reducing the number of drownings and serous aquatic accidents.

The “A” Team

The Aquatic Law Institute is represented by a highly qualified and experienced team of aquatic experts consisting of medical doctors, university professors, research scientists and a United States Olympic coach.

ALSI experts devote the majority of their professional time to research, teaching and in the case of the two doctors, to their medical practice.  Consequently, unlike many other experts, none of the ALSI team are fulltime experts.  In addition, ALSI experts consult about equally on plaintiff and defense cases.   No member of our team has had their testimony disqualified by the courts or by a Daulbert challenge from opposing council.

ALSI  expert are quALSIfied to represent most aquatic accident and drowning cases occurring in a variety of aquatic and marine environments including private and public swimming pools, hot tubs and spas, water theme parks, lakes, rivers and the ocean.  ALSI speciALSIzes in diving (spinal) accidents, SCUBA accidents and swimming pool drownings, lifeguard practices, boating accidents, and cruise ship accidents.

ALSI experts accept cases in every state including international cases.  ALSI experts have conducted research and have served as experts in over 20 countries.  ALSI is  experienced in responding to “death on the high seas” cases.

Meet ALSI “A” Team Experts

Dr. John Fletemeyer (ALSI Co-Founder, Research Professor & Expert Witness)

Dr. Ivonne Schmid (ALSI Director, Research Scientist, & Technical Editor)

Doctor Kal Blumberg (Orthopedic surgeon & Expert Witness)

Doctor Anthony Ard (Emergency Room Physician, Attorney & Expert Witness)

Dr. Brian Haus (University of Miami, Professor, Research Scientist & Expert Witness)

Dr. Daniel Hanes (Professor of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Saint Louis)

Mr. Tim O’Brien (2000 United States Olympic Diving Coach & Expert Witness)

Trevor Tiffany (Myrtha Pools)

Ronald F. Zollo, Ph.D. (Engineering Analytics)